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"let's cuddle :3"
asked by blahbkasjhewuvnw

Okay! hehe *cuddles* how are you? ^^

"What do you mean that it's hard to tell? LOL"
asked by leahbooo

Because the picture is small? ^^

asked by Anonymous

Been here all the time! ^^

"Me too! I wish it snowed here but, it hasen't ... Still, I'm very excited!"
asked by idgaf-im-a-unicorn

Hehe ^^

"You are welcome! So, I heard it snowed there. Are you excited for Christmas?"
asked by idgaf-im-a-unicorn

Very excited^^

"Since someone else asked, and j have no life, how old do I look? ㅋㅋㅋ"
asked by leahbooo

Erm, its kinda hard to tell about 16+? hehe :D pls dont get mad if im wrong ^^

"Your such a cute little Anchovy! You know that right? ^^"
asked by tabithaelf-deactivated20120206

Thank you, hehe :D